Reciprocal translocations and Reciprocal translocations with carrier identification
What kind of documents does Invicta Laboratory need and what is the process for PGD TRS™

  • Clinician Referral form (CR) signed by referring physician (the scan send to
  • Test results of Karyotype for both patients - scan send to
  • Genetic material (saliva samples) of patients (in case of Reciprocal translocations with carrier identification) send to Invicta Lab.
  • Diagnostic preparation time – SETUP(informative study)
    a) Reciprocal translocations - up to 4 weeks
    b) Reciprocal translocations with carrier identification – 3 - 4 weeks

  • Confirmation from the laboratory about ready diagnostics

  • Biopsy material sent to IVF Laboratory with completed Biopsy Report, patient informed consent and the origin of CR (scans of the documents send earlier to

  • Results within 14 days from the delivery date of the biopsy material

  • We provide all the kits for samples collection – for saliva - My DNA Kit and for the embryo biopsy – PGD/PGS Kit

Test Report Result:

  • Normal
  • Abnormal
  • Non-diagnostic material

  The Test Report includes transfer recommendation column.
The PGD TRS™ can be performed with PGDA NGS 360°™. That information must be provided before the SETUP.