“Tailor-made” genetics testing – new Open Frame Sequencing™

“Tailor-made” genetics testing – new Open Frame Sequencing™

Anticipating physicians’ and patients’ needs, INVICTA Genetics Laboratory is developing a brand new diagnostic tool. We have recently implemented an innovative genetic testing platform – Open Frame Sequencing™. This new offer will assist clinical geneticists in providing effective diagnosis of suspected of genetic diseases. 

Open Frame Sequencing™ is a universal solution that enables geneticists to plan a complex genetic diagnosis personalized for each patient. It is dedicated to specialists who expect flexible approach, efficient cooperation and “tailor made” solutions in their daily work.

Genetic outpatient clinics are visited by patients with suspected genetic disease or family history of genetic disorders. Appropriate diagnostic tests allows, among others:

  • confirmation or verification of previous diagnosis,
  • estimation of the risk of defects and diseases in the patients’ offspring,
  • identification of the causes of abnormal results of other clinical tests,
  • planning the optimal preventive care or therapy.

A specialist in clinical genetics selects the scope and type of tests based on the interview, assessment of phenotypic features and medical history. In order to provide effective assistance to the patient, the physician should have the possibility to order precise, targeted diagnostics. Open Frame Sequencing tests based on the state-of-the-art technique of Next Generation Sequencing – NGS are the answer to these needs – emphasizes Sebastian Pukszta, PhD of INVICTA Genetics Laboratory. The Open Frame Sequencing™ approach allows the identification of over 163,000 known and described mutations, 15,189 known genes and 93% of all exons in the human genome.

The physician choosing Open Frame Sequencing specifies individually both the type and scope of tests. This approach let’s us optimize the costs for the patient as the price is determined only by the specific analysis the patient needs – stresses Sebastian Pukszta, PhD. INVICTA Genetics Laboratory also provides full logistic support and quick access to the results online – he adds.

Availability of the tests can be checked at any time at www.invictagenetics.com/genes using a dedicated search feature.

INVICTA Genetics Laboratory has been operating since 2001 and is the leader in comprehensive DNA analyses. Thanks to extensive experience, modern technologies and innovative control systems it can offer tests with high level of sensitivity and confidence. Emphasis on ensuring the quality and reliability of results is the key standard of INVICTA Laboratories – and it has been confirmed by the results of international external quality assessments including EMQN and UK NEQAS, and by the certificates awarded by, among others, Polish Society of Human Genetics.

INVICTA Genetic Laboratory has been performing genetic screening of embryos since 2005. Our team of world-class experts and scientists has been developing the innovative methods of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for over 13 years.