Polish experts at the ESHRE Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Geneva

Polish experts at the ESHRE Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Geneva

Specialists from the INVICTA Fertility Clinic and the Genetic Laboratory participate in the 33rd Congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Over 10,000 experts from the whole world meet between July 2nd and 5th to discuss the newest trends and to share the findings from the area of genetics and human reproduction.

Lectures by scientists from INVICTA

INVICTA has been a European leader in the area of pre-implantation tests for years. During the Polish IVF experts session at ESHRE, Sebastian Pukszta, Ph.D., presented a lecture:

  • The use of an innovative NGS technique in PGD diagnostics towards translocation.

Ph.D. Pukszta was the speaker also during the session under the patronage of the company Thermo Fisher Scientific. He presented a lecture:

  • Unbalanced products of reciprocal translocations detection using Ion PGMTM System and Ion Reporter Software.

INVICTA performs pre-implantation tests for translocation on the basis of next generation sequencing (NGS), being one of the few such centres in the world.

Innovative genetic tests offer at ESHRE fair

During the fair the INVICTA Genetics Laboratory presents also its offer in the scope of innovative genetic testing already for the fourth time. The specialty of the centre is especially preimplantation diagnosis performed on the basis of next generation sequencing. INVICTA Genetics Laboratory performs PGD genetic tests for all chromosomal aberrations, trans-locations and single-gene disorders.

The quality of analyses was confirmed in international external laboratory assessment by UK NEQAS and CEQAS. During the tests INVICTA, being one of the few laboratories in the world, received the highest score in all assessed categories. The fair which started on Sunday is a great occasion for establishing relationships and starting the process of construction of a long-term co-operation with global partners.

INVICTA Genetic Laboratory has been performing genetic screening of embryos since 2005. Our team of world-class experts and scientists has been developing the innovative methods of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for over 13 years.