Get FREE PGS-NGS for Your Clinic – only at ESHRE 2017

Get FREE PGS-NGS for Your Clinic – only at ESHRE 2017

We would like to invite you to our stand – F01
at ESHRE Conference in Geneva.

Come and register to try our PGS-NGS 360 diagnostic at your clinic for free.

Test our top notch diagnostics quality, exceptional customer service and hassle free process.

INVICTA Genetics highest quality has been verified by external quality assessments like EMQN, UK NEQAS, CEQAS.
We offer a wide range of diagnostics using NGS – Next Generation Sequencing – including:
single gene disorders, chromosomal rearrangements, chromosomal aneuploidies, HLA matching and many more…

Join us for a presentation by Sebastian Pukszta
– head of Molecular Biology at INVICTA Genetics.

Sebastian has been invited by Thermo Fisher Scientific to share the latest INVICTA Genetics research
on “Unbalanced products of reciprocal translocations detection using Ion PGMTM System and Ion Reporter Software” during their session.

When and where
Session: „New solutions for high throughput analysis of mosaicism and translocations in preimplantation”
Session code: ISS4
Tuesday, July 4th, 16:30 – 17:30, Room V

See you at stand F01 – INVICTA Genetics.

*The free  PGS-NGS 360 offer is valid  for european clinics only, terms and conditions apply, ask for details at stand no. F01, ESHRE 2017.