Genetic Laboratory No 1 in Poland !

Genetic Laboratory No 1 in Poland !

The INVICTA Genetic Laboratory has been awarded the first place among private health care centers in the ranking prepared by one of the most popular newspapers in Poland – Gazeta Wyborcza! The ranking was based on the assessment of such aspects as center experience, positive opinions from certifying bodies and institutions monitoring work standards, range of services offered, number of tests performed, conducting research and scientific studies, as well as technologies applied.

The Genetic Laboratory has been part of INVICTA Medical Laboratories for more than 10 years and has been a leader in the field of complex DNA analyses. Thanks to many-year experience of its specialists that has been gained both in Poland and in international centers, modern technologies and innovative monitoring system it offers patients and partners examinations of high-sensitivity and reliability.

The ranking prepared by one of the most renown Polish newspapers – Gazeta Wyborcza – was aimed to assess current activities of genetic laboratories in Poland, and to select such private and public centers that place the highest emphasis on the quality and high standards. The first place of the INVICTA Genetic Laboratory among all private centers is a result of constant investments into a growing portfolio, personnel and technologies applied.

The following factors had affected this result, among others:

  • Wide portfolio of tests

The portfolio covers more than 1000 different diagnostic tests, such as a karyotype test, prenatal genetic tests, DNA panels including tests assessing predisposition to diseases and cancer (such as BRCA 1 and 2, NOD2, CHEK2), genetic analyses for infections, as well as diagnostic tests for causes of infertility and miscarriages (such as detection of mutations in the prothrombin gene, factor V Leiden, detection of mutations in the CFTR gene) as well as specialist PGD diagnostic tests for aneuploidy (Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Patau syndrome), translocations and almost 700 single-gene disorders (such as cystic fibrosis, hereditary hearing loss, COX syndrome).

Additionally, INVICTA offers a systemic approach to patients’ diagnosis – the Genetic Laboratory belongs to Medical Diagnostic Laboratories with a full profile, and as a result, when an abnormality has been found, it is possible to perform a wide range of examinations outside the scope of molecular biology (for example, hematology, microbiology, hormonal, infectious, histopathology, serology panels etc.).

  • Diagnostics availability and complex care

Specialists at the INVICTA Genetic Laboratory were the first in Poland to introduce a test from a saliva sample – as a result, it is possible to offer greater comfort and it is easier to collect samples for complex diagnostic tests. In 2013 INVICTA introduced mail-order kits that can be ordered at a dedicated website by patients or doctors. The whole process of sending a sample to the Laboratory, its analysis and communication with an ordering party as well as courier transport under appropriate conditions is included in the assay price.

Patients and contracting parties have access to a convenient and rapid review of test results – thanks to the INVICTA-ONLINE system and an encrypted profile. Each result of a DNA panel is enclosed with a complex graphic report – in case of screening tests assessing predisposition for cancer or other disorders, and consequently, it helps understand information better. Patients can obtain genetic counselling prior to a test order, and after having received results at all INVICTA Clinics.

  • Confirmed quality standards

Currently, the INVICTA laboratories have introduced the following quality certificates: PN-EN ISO 15189, PN-EN ISO 9001:2008, as well as PN-EN ISO 14001:2004. Additionally, they are regularly controlled during external inspections and examinations organized by the following parties, among others: QCMD (Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics), EMQN (European Molecular Genetics Quality Network), CF Network (Cystic Fibrosis European Network), Labquality, CEQAS (Cytogenetic European Quality Assessment Service), RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme), INSTAND (Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Qualitätssicherung in medizinischen Laboratorien), EQA (External Quality Assessment), UKNEQAS (United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service). So far, all audits have been positive.

  • Specialized services and research activities

The INVICTA Genetic Laboratory is the only center in Poland that has been specializing in infertility diagnostics – including genetic evaluation of the miscarriage and causes of reproductive failures. It is the only center in Poland that also performs PGS and PGD preimplantation tests, and it occupies the sixth place in Europe with regard to the number of diagnostic tests performed. INVICTA experts were the first ones globally to introduce innovative PGD NGS diagnostic tests into clinical practice – this method uses next generation sequencing for embryo DNA analyses. The INVICTA multidisciplinary research team is responsible for scientific-research projects aimed to develop existing diagnostic methods and to introduce innovative solutions (for example original diagnostic tests for infertile couples screening for rare diseases, combined with HLA typing – the third center in Europe).

Results of the INVICTA Genetic Laboratory indicate enormous success and at the same time are a proof of high-quality work and appropriate development directions.

INVICTA Genetic Laboratory has been performing genetic screening of embryos since 2005. Our team of world-class experts and scientists has been developing the innovative methods of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for over 13 years.